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Corporate Vision: To develop national brands with the definition of “Made in China”, in the field of new building materials, continue to innovate and gradually move from regional excellence to international excellence.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Heavenly rewards, good deeds

Corporate Philosophy: high quality, high efficiency, high pattern

Corporate Mission: creating wealth, fulfilling responsibility

For the nation, create a brand of excellence with a century of development;

For the government, solve problems, comply with the law, and operate with integrity;

For the customer, strive for better service and quality, in the process of achieving customers, to achieve their own value;

For partners, symbiosis and equality, and equality;

For employees, create a platform to realize the value of life, in a relaxed and happy environment

Fully experience the rich and colorful life.

Corporate Personality: dare to be thick in the world

Corporate Style: always holding an entrepreneurial heart, never give up

Marketing Concept: customer-focused, committed to green marketing

Brand Concept: born in s, longer than s, or destroyed

Quality Concept:

Quality is the soul, and the company is safe and secure.

The quality of survival, to the credibility of development.

The difference between the product and the product is in the details.

Only imperfect products, no discerning customers.

Service Concept: enthusiasm, initiative, fast and professional.

Safety Concept:

Establish a corporate safety image and promote safe and civilized production.

Security is a responsibility for oneself, for the family, for others.

Corporate Culture:

Meiyijia creates a beautiful new life

attitude determines everything; details makes success.

Your conscious contribution is the glory of the company.

Only by courage to take responsibility can you assume greater responsibility.

Communicate more and complain less. More understanding, less disputes.


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