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Company Profile

Dongying CHOOYE Packaging Co.,LTD. Is located in China's youngest land.A shandong GuangRao hinterland of the Yellow River delta economic development zone, is a company specializing in the production of triad zhisu composite bag, square bottom valve bag, seal bag, PP/PE woven bag, PE blown film bags of medium-sized enterprises. Company was established in February 2006,the registered capital of 30 million yuan, the article design annual production capacity of 60 million.

Since its inception, the company introduced advanced production equipment, continuous improvement process, the production scale expands unceasingly, to introduce and cultivate a batch of high-quality professional and technical personnel, has become established a perfect quality management system.

By adopting the scientific formula, the use of domestic and foreign we"-known manufacturers of PP, PE raw materials, our company's product quality has always been in the industry leading level. Company through the IS09001 quality management system certification and IS014001 environmental management system certification, and in 2016, December 12,qilu listed equity trading center in China, hereinafter referred to as are appropriate shares (code 100493).

Is appropriate in the process of development, has always been imbued with a strong brand consciousness and the change of the spirit of ceaseless, it promotes the pleasant is actively meet the challenge, constantly transcend self. In the wave of China's economy is the new normal is a pleasant new crossing on the road forever...

Company products have been successfully covers the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, Inner Mongolia, shaanxi, gansu, Ningxia and xinjiang, hunan, yunnan and other places of China famous PVC production enterprises (such as north yuan shan coal group company, China north industries group gansu silver poly silver chemical industry Co., Ltd., baotou, east hope group sea polymer industrial Co., Ltd., China guodian Ningxia Younglight Chemicals Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia yili company, etc.). We and many foreign customers and foreign trade companies to maintain good cooperation, products get customer consistent high praise.

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